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- a reliable place to delegate your ADA while also supporting

In order to finance we run a stake pool.

You can support by delegating to CHUB.

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Stake pool Infrastructure

Our infrastructure setup consists of our Block Producing Node and our two Relay Nodes.
We have two Relay Nodes both in different world locations.
This is done to ensure we get as much data as possible going into our Relay Nodes.
They then send that information to our Block Producer.

Node locations:

Relay 1

Germany (DE)

Relay 2

United States (USA)

Block Producer

Location Hidden

Our stake pool is operated with infrastructure as seen on the image on the right server infrastructure


Our stake pool is how we finance the whole universe with all that it includes.

By delegating to CHUB, you help finance

So, you can both earn rewards by delegating and help to finance

Your delegation is greatly appreciated as it ensures we can keep everything running.

Under details you can view an overview with all the important information about our stake pool.

Thanks to for having a great json document with the information.

One version of our logo with text can be seen on the image on the left

Stake pool details

Pool ID (bech32): pool1stvux7an3kp2p55na0p7eec2e7l66gqcpuc7yu9cx5242g4j2eh
Pool ID (hex): 82d9c37bb38d82a0d293ebc3ece70acfbfad20180f31e270b8351555

Name stake pool





Live stake


Active stake



Lifetime ROA


Monthly ROA




Lifetime Blocks

Blocks in Epoch

Fixed Cost

340 ADA

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